Mr Peanut - Wilkes Barre, PA - The birthplace of Mr Peanut.

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Wilkes Barre, PA - The Birthplace of Planters Peanuts


We here at Mr. are dedicated to the creation, life, & legacy of our historical local & national icon, the MR. PEANUT® character. MR. PEANUT. character has been a member of Luzerne County Folklore for the past 103 years! Upon the news of his passing, the entire community as a whole was devasted and knew we had to take action to preserve the legendary presence of the historical mascot of the PLANTERS® Peanut brand. From this group, we will keep you up to date on all the projects & happenings involving our favorite MR. PEANUT® mascot. 

Our future plans include assisting in the creation of “The Peanut Gallery,” and a museum-immersive visitors center dedicated to the legacy of our beloved mascot, as well as up to the minute releases on all things related to the MR. PEANUT® character & the future of the franchise BABY NUT character”!

Historical Marker in Wilkes Barre.